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Disaster Recovery & Business Contingency

Failing to plan is planning to fail! The success of a business continuity plan resolves around planning the backup process and most importantly testing that process on a regular basis.  Being able to follow a pre-tested process in the height of a disaster will save lots of time and knowing that your data is safe and can be restored and accessed will give you peace of mind. Disasters are not just hardware issues but also environmental e.g. fire, flood etc and also personnel - data wipe, corruption, application update etc

Cyberdan have extensive experience in setting up backups and putting together a restore process along with testing.  Often initial testing throws up some issues that prove invaluable during a real disaster situation.
Business continuity management cycle, Know your business, Assess risks, Plan.

Forewarned is forearmed

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We can cover backup/recovery of the following:-
  • Linux OS
  • Windows Server OS
  • Databases - Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostGres

Although we can help in the event of a disaster, it can often be too late then to backup systems. However we can assist on a consultancy basis.

We offer various SLA support contracts for disaster recovery. These can include:-
  • Initial audit of environment to identify key components, software, hardware, personnel etc
  • Setup of backup processes
  • Document all settings to perform restore.
  • Monitoring of backup processes and systems e.g. data backups, cluster management etc
  • Setup of alternate recovery servers
  • Test restoration process and validate backups
  • Periodic tests of restore
  • Daily monitor of the backups and rectification/notification of issues.

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With our backup and recovery service your business can operate in the sound knowledge that should a disaster hit, you'll be prepared with a tested and documented process.

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