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IT Consultancy and Project Management

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With out broad knowledge of IT we can offer consulting in many areas. Consultancy is done by either purchasing a time bank (minimum of 5 days) or we can put together a fixed cost for a specific project.

We work with you and your team and are happy to liaise with third parties and suppliers to achieve the end goal.

Many clients purchase a time bank along side their support contract so that they have pre-paid consulting available during the year.

Consulting time has to be booked in 15 min blocks so cannot be used for ad hoc support. Consulting can also be used for "out of hours" operations to reduce downtime. These are docked at 1.5 times the value.
Example usages of consulting

  • Upgrade of OS or Database OOH
  • Setup of DR environment and testing
  • Writing procedures for processes
  • Patching software
  • Testing
  • New projects
  • Migration of systems
  • Audit
  • Advisory capacity

Our consultancy helps to fill the gap between a managed service with known elements and the unknown and has proven very flexible for existing clients.
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